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  • Acrylic Drawer Organizer Trays Colored
    Acrylic Drawer Organizer Trays Colored
  • Decorative Acrylic Tray with Handle
    Decorative Acrylic Tray with Handle
  • Acrylic Perfume Storage Box Iridescent
    Acrylic Perfume Storage Box Iridescent
  • Luxury Acrylic Pencil Cup Colored
    Luxury Acrylic Pencil Cup Colored
  • Gold Mirror Acrylic Calculator
    Gold Mirror Acrylic Calculator
  • Two Sided Acrylic Photo Frame
    Two Sided Acrylic Photo Frame
  • Acrylic Desktop Calendar Pink
    Acrylic Desktop Calendar Pink
  • L- Shaped Watch Display for Branded Retail Store
    L- Shaped Watch Display for Branded Retail Store
  • Colorful Employee Suggestion Bin
    Colorful Employee Suggestion Bin
  • All Purpose Acrylic Storage Box
    All Purpose Acrylic Storage Box


NEW BOLLY DISPLAY LLC is a company specializing in the production of all kinds of display and acrylic products. The company is headquartered in Guangdong Province, China and was founded in 1996. Our goal is "making the best display products for the brand name companies, and making the best acrylic products for life." The company strives to become the best quality display cabinets and acrylic products vendor, and to win the trust of customers with reasonable prices and high-end quality products.
  • 24
    24 H Online Service No Time Difference.
  • 2006
    It is a Chinese brand established in 2006.
  • 100
    Our Factory Have More Than 100 Employees.
  • 10000
    More Than 10000 Square Meters Technical R&D Building.
  • New Bolly Display - committed to creating customer brand charm Acrylic, as an new material that has been popularized at a speed far beyond most people's expectations. From Acrylic Cosmetic Display Rack in the shopping mall to the Acrylic Storage Box at home; from the Acrylic Signs in hotel to the Acrylic Blackjack Dealing Shoe in casino , acrylic materials are full of everywhere in people's lives. As a manufacturer of producing acrylic products, while facing huge business opportunities, it also faces the challenge of increasing product quality requirements. Therefore, to use the better materials, keep creating the new designs and ideas, and the continuous expansion of the market have become the eternal theme of our enterprises. Of course, choosing better acrylic processing equipment is equally important. New Bolly Display provides the custom made and private label service for our customers according to customer requirements. We have a low minimum order quantity requirement, professional design with engineering drawing , high-end quality management service system, dedicated to creating customer brand charm. Welcome to inquiry us for Custom Acrylic Project!
    2020-10 29
  • Bring your Casino to the Next Level with Acrylic Casino Gaming Supplies Among traditional casino products, wood, metal or plastic are commonly used materials for casino equipment. However, Acrylic Casino Game Supplies are becoming more and more popular. Acrylic Casino Game Supplies can definitely enhance your casino to the next level. How do Acrylic Casino Gaming Supplies make your casino become eye-catching focus? First of all, Acrylic Casino Game Supplies have a strong visual impact, colorful and gorgeous. The acrylic material is smooth with high brightness. Also, all Acrylic Casino Game Supplies can be customized as Transparent Acrylic Casino Game Supplies or Colored Acrylic Casino Game Supplies, they can be processed in a variety of forms. Second, Acrylic Casino Game Supplies have a better use experience and beautiful appearance than plastic or wood Casino Game Supplies. In additional, Acrylic Casino Supplies look more advanced than other materials. People always like a good experience in game tables, so Acrylic Casino Supplies can provide that for your player. Acrylic Casino Gaming Supplies will attract more players to play games in your casino. Last but not least, Acrylic material is highly malleable, which can create the same class of products in different styles. Therefore, if you want to highlight the style of your casino or hotel, you have to customize Acrylic Casino Supplies to match your casino theme. Custom Acrylic Casino Supplies with your own casino or hotel Logo can increase the visibility of your casino, making pla
    2020-09 23
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